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Choosing a Lawyer

Thinking of a divorce? Starting a business? Maybe you got injured in a car accident or you’re writing a will. In any of such scenarios, it would be smart to have a lawyer by your side. But the reality is, there are different kinds of lawyers. Deciding on the right one requires doing and knowing a few things.

Professional Background

Lawyers typically focus on a particular field of law. When you talk about personal injury cases in New York City, for instance, Harmon Linder & Rogowsky is one of the most reputable firms you’ll find. The lawyers at Harmon Linder & Rogowsky didn’t study personal injury laws exclusively, but the fact that they work mostly with personal injury cases, makes them specialists.

Make sure the one you hire has experience that is relevant to your case. If you want legal help for your divorce, don’t work with a lawyer whose practice is mainly dedicated to personal injury clients. Ask for referrals from relatives, friends or coworkers who may have worked with an attorney with a relevant background. Or approach your state and local bar associations or use referral services offered by some lawyer groups.


Consider two or three prospective lawyers to give you room for comparison. Attorneys will usually not charge you for your initial appointment, but do call them and ask just to be sure. Be ready with all the details surrounding your situation, along with any documents that can help your case. Use this meeting to ask about their experience and track record of success, the approach they plan to use in your case, and how much chances you have of winning it based on their expert judgment.

In addition, you’d like to know how frequently you will be updated as to the status of your case, and what options are available to you. In New York City, Harmon Linder & Rogowsky is known for being reliable in terms of communicating with clients.

Certainly, you have to be comfortable with your chosen lawyer or you could end up subconsciously defying him. As you can expect, the results of your case could be compromised.


Before beginning any work, be sure to know what fees and other costs you need to cover. According to the American Bar Association, attorneys should provide a written explanation of their fees to their clients within an acceptable period after they begin taking up your case. There are even states where this explanation must be given to the client before the attorney commits to a case. The idea here is that you have to know all the costs you have to pay for, and if something is vague, ask for an explanation. In New York City, clients of Harmon Linder & Rogowsky are fully aware of their costs right from the beginning because the firm believes that transparency is important.

Finally, keep in mind that the most expensive lawyer isn’t always the best one for you. The same is true for the opposite extreme end of the spectrum. There should be a balance between experience and cost. If you’re in New York City, Harmon Linder & Rogowsky can certainly give this to you. If you want to save some cash, ask the attorney to have a junior lawyer or paralegal do some of the tasks. In fact, if there are some things you can do yourself, do them.